• January 11th, 2021

Delegation Based Decentralized Financing is born!


Werenode is releasing its draft white paper describing its innovative blockchain financing scheme. This technical document establishes the main principles of a decentralized investment system using Tezos blockchain native mechanisms and an architecture of dedicated smart contracts. The main components include the new Continuous Delegation Offering concept combined with a Continuous Security Reward allowing to consolidate the value of the investment token. Additionally, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is used to overview the token governance. This structure can be used for any project investment generating revenues in a way that allows a share of this revenue in tokens to be bought back or burned automatically, thus sustaining the value of the investment token. This concept has been designed by Thibaut Chessé (Nomadic Labs), Yves-Michel Leporcher (Werenode Advisor) and Benoît Maïsseu (Werenode). Click on the image below or above to download the document.

  • October 2nd, 2020

Werenode's smart contracts go mainnet


Werenode is proud to announce that its smart contracts are now entering Tezos' main net. Eager at spurring the development of the EV charging infrastructure, whether public or private, we have designed with our partner Edukera a set of Tezos smart contracts which allows to build an open framework for safe and auditable payment. Thanks to the blockchain distributed ledger technologies, we elaborate the easiest solution to create and manage charging points in a by-design interroperable way.
We have chosen Tezos for our blockchain solution because of its energetic efficiency, its trackability and distributed governance. Indeed, thanks to the proof of stake algorithm, Tezos is the green blockchain that answers our needs, far from some other blockchains providing smart contracts features like Ethereum which have a very high energetic cost of around 77kWh per transaction.
We introduce our core solution contracts. The first smart contract (KT1HQmKekWoUfA1ZDFmiSB91qxaAM8uoxkX1) is an address book that registers all the charging points (or electric vehicle supply equipements - EVSE) joining our open framework. Among some other key information, this address book will secure the Tezos public address of the charging point owner (evse-owner), the URL of the charging point operator (evse-manager) and the smart contract address of the EVSE. The second smart contract (in fact a family of smart contracts, e.g. KT1SGoBNn5kLbLSi35xWrJWPrzSwVAMcWy1P) will keep all the practical, technical and service data of one EVSE or a group of identical EVSE. This includes the location of the charging point, the services provided with their prices and technical properties (e.g. 11kW smart charge with 30% average session power derating at 0,14€ per kWh). Finally, we will record all the transactions of the framework thanks to a dedicated token (Werecoin KT1CSYNJ6dFcnsV4QJ6HnBFtdif8LJGPQiDM), FA1.2 compliant with some limited additional features.
All these components have been designed and coded with Archetype smart contract language; this high level language has helped us a lot to go from our EV charging open framework concept to the real blockchain application. Archetype is a solution specifically designed by Edukera, allowing formal validation of the smart contracts' algorithms. This is a key part of our open framework since it will guarantee an unrivaled secure and auditable architecture.

  • July 10th, 2020

Great Tokencrunch article about Werenode


This article gives a very good overview of what we are doing. We just need to add that we have no official link with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi though some of the main members of Werenode's team still have or had a day job at one of these companies or its "Alliance" common entity.