Boost the EV charging network

Simplify the connection to the charging network.
Make it auditable thanks to the blockchain.

Simplify the interfaces between CPO, MSP and users

The blockchain is the simple way to manage certificates

The charging point operators (CPO), mobility services providers (MSP) and the users need transparency and security for their payment framework. A decentralized blockchain technology is the simple way to design the robust certificate management that the EV charging infrastructure needs. Our ecosystem of smart contracts is the right architecture to face the technical challenge of new features like smart charge or vehicle to grid (V2G).


Open your EV station

No need to wait for the big players. You can earn some money and help your fellow EV riders.

If you have an accessible charging point with a connected plug, you just have to register your EV supply equipment on the Werenode app. You state the availability of the parking slot with this charging feature, check the internet connection of the plug and you are ready to help the other EV riders and earn some money in the process.

Share your own charging point

The EV charging network we all need is already here. Let's unlock it!

Werenode is the way to connect every charging point and allow anybody to share its own. Thanks to distributed ledger technologies, everybody will be able to be compensated seamlessly for the shared use of his personal charging station. Connect instantly to any EV supply equipment with your phone, just plug and charge. Ready for your clean and sustainable mobility!

Benoît Maïsseu, CEO

EV ecosystem expert

François Chiron, Payment technologies Advisor

IT and payment expert

François Colet, CTO

EV charging expert
ISO15118 co-author

Gaëtan Cadéro, COO-CFO

Operations management expert

Benoît Rognier, CIO

Deep tech and blockchain expert

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