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Why Cryptos

Interoperability is crucial in the fragmented ecosystem of charging stations. We need a secure and open payment system where other operators can join easily. A public ledger is also required to audit energy use, especially in complex cases like Smart Charge, V2G, Plug&Charge, etc…. When it comes to P2P payments and disintermediation, cryptos are here !

Presenting the project

You will find all the information about Werenode in the White Paper

Or you can begin with the condensed Lite Paper

Why Tezos ?

Tezos is an innovative blockchain with smart contracts in mind. Media and pundits show a growing interest (

  • Tezos is Green thanks to its LPoS protocol. Electricity should be used to charge cars not to run miners :) It’s one of most ascetic in Wh per transaction.

  • Tezos Foundation is continuously improving efficiency of the smart contracts and thanks to experts from Edukera and Nomadics Labs we have formally proven contracts, optimized storage and open ledger.

  • Tezos is fast enough to serve real life transactions: blocks last 30 secs and transaction bandwidth is around 40 TPS.

  • Most of our Tezos transactions cost below $0.01, making it a perfect match for charging micro transactions (around $5-$10). An ERC20 transaction on Ethereum costs $40. A Uniswap swap is quoted $124 at the time of writing. L2 initiatives or the Binance chain BSC is a great improvement but BEP20 token swaps on Pancakeswap still cost around $0.50.

We don't believe in 'One Blockchain To Rule Them All'. The crypto universe has proven to be very agile and in constant movement. We believe in protocols designed for a purpose, interoperability between blockchains, CEX and DEX, stablecoins and utility tokens all together.

Our smart contracts are developed with Archetype, the high level smart contract language built for formal verification.

Werecoin and Smart Contrats

Werenode is using a Tezos token called Werecoin, shorten in WRC. The address is :


The token can also be bought on the Binance Smart Chain. The token address is :


All other contracts on Tezos or on other Blockchains are obsolete or not related to us. Beware of scams. Please don't use the first token KT1LqEyTQ...qazAwXrg4t and 0xbCe2B12e3aA25...9C464dF528B1E5916