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Why Cryptos

Interoperability is crucial in the fragmented ecosystem of charging stations. We need a secure and open payment system where other operators can join easily. A public ledger is also required to audit energy use, especially in complex cases like Smart Charge, V2G, Plug&Charge, etc…. When it comes to P2P payments and disintermediation, cryptos are here !

Why Tezos ?#

Tezos is an innovative blockchain with smart contracts in mind. Media and pundits show a growing interest (

  • Tezos is Green thanks to its LPoS protocol. Electricity should be used to charge cars not to run miners :) It’s the one of most ascetic in Wh per transaction.

  • Tezos Foundation is continuously improving efficiency of the smart contracts and thanks to experts from Edukera and Nomadics Labs we have formally proven contracts, optimized storage and open ledger.

  • Tezos is fast enough to serve real life transactions: blocks last 30 secs and transaction bandwidth is around 40 TPS.

  • Most of our Tezos transactions cost below $0.01, making it a perfect match for charging micro transactions (around $5-$10). An ERC20 transaction on Ethereum costs $40. A Uniswap swap is quoted $124 at the time of writing. L2 initiatives or the Binance chain BSC is a great improvement but BEP20 token swaps on Pancakeswap still cost around $0.50.

We don't believe in 'One Blockchain To Rule Them All'. The crypto universe has proven to be very agile and in constant movement. We believe in protocols designed for a purpose, interoperability between blockchains, CEX and DEX, stablecoins and utility tokens all together.

Werecoin and Smart Contrats#

Werenode is using a Tezos token called Werecoin, shorten in WRC. The address is :


You can track live transactions here :

All other contracts on Tezos or on other Blockchains are obsolete or not related to us. Beware of scams.